Felt Hair Bow


Made by Ashley from Betsy Crocker

Will you just look at that face? The level of cuteness going on in this picture is more than I can take.  And that tutu? I may have died and gone to baby heaven.

But be warned, she may look sweet and innocent but she was really just waiting for me to get just a little closer before charging at full speed. She chased me through the grass screaming and giggling the whole time, while I jumped around her trying to get at least onein focus shot. By the time I was done I was out of breath and red in the face…and she was just getting started. It was like boot camp. Stop running and she was mad! And who can say no to that face? I may be on to something. Baby Boot Camp! Registration starts next week.

Ah, but I digress…

Last month I was contacted by Lots of Buttons, the largest button website in the world, about doing some tutorials for them. I was so excited! And then I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of choices on their website! It’s crazy good over there.

For the first tutorial, I decided on a simple felt flower hair bow with a button center. It came out even better than I hoped and the project couldn’t have been any easier. I whipped up 3 of these in about 45 minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Felt (as many colors as you like)
Buttons (two different sizes)
Hot glue gun
Alligator hair clip
Coordinating Ribbon (optional)

First, cut out your petals. I just free handed mine, but feel free to use a pattern or stencil if you have one. One should be slightly larger than the other so it will show from behind. I cut out the smaller pink layer first and then held it on top of the white so I could just cut around it.

Betsy Crocker: Felt and Button Hair Bow


Glue everything together with a tiny drop of hot glue in the centers and set it aside. From here you can embellish the hair clip itself with a little strip of coordinating ribbon or just leave it plain. I just think it gives the piece a more finished look and only takes a few extra seconds.

Start gluing on the inside of the top (flat side) of the clip and bring it all the way around until you get to the backside. When your finished it should look something like like this:


Then you can attach your flower (with more hot glue, of course). And viola! Admire your (not so) hard work:

Betsy Crocker: Felt Flower & Button Hair Bow


I may or may not have tried it out myself first. But I think it looks much better on her:

Betsy Crocker: Felt and Button Hair Bow


And one more because it’s too cute not to share:

Betsy Crocker: Felt and Button Hair Bow



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