Solar System Quiet Book Page


Made by Stephanie from Imagine Our Life

I’ve had this page started for quite a while, but other projects needed to be completed for me to stay on schedule with my sewing. I know a lot of you were waiting on this one – thanks for being patient!

This page is mainly a learning page for Jax and I to use with our school studies, but it is also a little matching game with colors and numbers. The buttons that hold the planets in place match their colors. I also stitched numbers on the page and the planets. My planets are two layers with a button hole in the back layer. If you want to have the page be a buttoning exercise for your child, you could make the button holes go through both layers. You’ll lose some of the look of the planets and might need to use smaller buttons on some of them, though. (My cookie matching page is an example of this.)

What I Used:

1. The Pattern

2. Felt from American Felt & Craft (in black, buttercreamrubber duckiebanana nut muffin,toffeedoewinebeetleathergray flannelcilantrorainy dayiceslushie and peacock.

3. Silver-lined seed beads

4. Stone chip beads

5. Stuffing, Batting or white roving scraps

6. 8 buttons from Lots of Buttons (Mercury: Bettie, Venus: Alona, Earth: Matthew, Mars: Ema, Jupiter: maybe Lida? [Sabina was sold out when I ordered; I used my own button], Saturn:Laci, Uranus: Tama and Neptune: Judith)

I started on the left hand side of the spread by sewing down the sun. I stitched the orbit lines one at a time while sewing the corresponding planet, so I could be sure there was enough space between each one. The orbit lines are gray thread in a dashed running stitch. The buttons were each sewn down with matching thread, and I used the leftover thread to stitch the number along side. I did them freehand in back stitch.

In between the orbit lines, I stitched on seed bead stars. I actually just did a vertical zigzag between each and that gave me a random-looking, but evenly spread star scape. After Mars, I stitched the asteroid belt using the same stone chip beads I used as nuts on my sundae page.

For each planet, I stitched all the details and a number on to the front piece. On the back piece, I cut a slit large enough for the button. I then did a blanket stitch around the slit to fortify the edges.



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