Buttoned Notebooks

Made by Cecilia from Crearescout

In collaboration with Totally Tutorials


You will need:

salvaged cardboard (cereal, pasta, rice, chotolate boxes… etc..)

white paper

needle, thread and a sewing machine

beautiful and quite big button

ribbon or thread

scissors, pencil and paperclips

Lets start:

1 - First, cut a rectangle of cardboard. Then cut several rectangles of white paper, 3 or 4 mmm smaller than the cardboard one.

2 - Fold in half the cardboard cover, with the colored part inside. Form the notebook:
3 - Clip the white paper pages to the cardboard cover with long paperclips.

4 - … sew in the central line with a sewing machine. You may also hand stitch, but the thruth is, the machine makes it soooo fast!! 
sew paper in the center
5 - Attach the button on the hardcover:
6 - Then knot a matching ribbon around the button. If you wrap the ribbon around the notebook, then wrap it around the button again, the notebook will stay closed even in the messiest tote bag.
ribbon and button

As you can see, you can modify this activity as you prefer, and following your kids needs/passions/abilities. I’d also decorate the notebooks with leaves, dryed flowers, or maybe magazine cut-outs. Or I’d stamp it with potato stamps… and there are millions of possibilities!

See you soon with another tutorial!! 




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