Button Charm Bracelet


 Made by Kasey from Life on the Divide

In collaboration with Totally Tutorials.

Step 1 Gather The Materials  For this project you need


1. Buttons These are the ones I used
Gold / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Black / 40L/25mm / Single (1)Gold / 44L/28mm / Single (1)White / 40L/25mm / Single (1)Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Gold / 32L/20mm / Single (1)Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1)Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1)Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1)Silver / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Red-Orange / 38L/24mm / Single (1)Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1)
I recommend using buttons with a "shank" backing.  They are easy to use and give a  finished look.

2. Jump Rings
A good option is to get a pack with multiple size jump rings.This helps since the button shanks are all different sizes.
*oval jump rings will help the buttons lay flat, but are not necessary.

3. Chain with Clasp
*The "charm bracelet chain" like the one in my inspiration photo is a good option.  
* Different chains will produce a diffident look. Bigger chain works best with bigger buttons, while the smaller chains work best with the smaller buttons.
 4. Jewelry Pliers
*tip Using two pairs helps attach the jump rings in an easier way.

Step 2 Arrange You Buttons You will see what looks best

Place your buttons along the length of your chain. This helps you visualize what order you want to attach the buttons to the chain.  Keep in mind that once you do attach the buttons they will hang a bit differently, do to the movement provided by the jump rings.Think of this step as a "rough draft" . 

Don't spend a lot of your time on this step, because no matter how you attach the buttons they will look amazing.  That is the beauty of this project it looks great no matter what, you can't mess it up

Step 3 Attach Buttons Now this project will come to life!
Attach the buttons to your chain with the jump rings.  Sometimes after adding a few buttons, you might want to move one and try it in a new spot.  This technique works well to produce the perfect look. *Tip If  you do move a button, remember that jump rings will start to loose their integrity the more times they are opened and closed.  So when you find the perfect location for your button make sure to use a new jump ring.

Guess what?
 That is it, you are done with this fun accessory!


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