Embellished Button Frame


 Made by Annie

In collaboration with Totally Tutorials.

How to embellish frames (or any other project really) using same color scheme buttons!

I've always had so much fun collecting loose buttons - from random finds to the 'oopsies' emergency replacements from most garments- they all go into my button box. So when the opportunity came, I was so thrilled to shop at Lots of Buttons! They have an extensive inventory of beautiful, fun and quirky buttons to choose from.

One of the projects I like to make are my earring and jewelry holders. I thought that it would be a fun way to use buttons as a way to embellish them! Here is what I came up with:

In the beginning, I was thinking of creating a more pink aesthetic since I painted the frame soft pink and accentuated it with a touch of shimmer champagne for some sheen. Playing with the buttons- I decided to pull out buttons of the same color scheme that matched the buttons I picked from Lots of Buttons and then started to pile them on top of one another... and voila! I really like the end result!

So there you have it- buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colors- and one way you can create a more cohesive look (if you have lots of random buttons like I do) is by doing what I did on this particular project. You can mix&match up the buttons if you stay within the same tone and hue.


  • Craft Yellow